I came across a new-to-me callenge at Second Wind Leisure Perspective called Sunday Stills. The current topic is LAYERS. I wonder what I can come up with.

Forest Layers

I just love walking in a forest and seeing all the lichens and fungus growing there…..I am always left behind as I find some little interesting bit of the surroundings to point my camera at.

Mt Field National Park, Tasmania
The Tahune Airwalk and Forest, Tasmania

Open Forest Layers

Open Forests also have layers to see…too dry for any fungus but other interesting sights, either natural or man made.

Weathered piece of timber in open Forest near Ben Lomond, Tasmania
Rock cairn in open forest near Ben Lomond, Tasmania

Garden Layers

There are so many layers in the garden but really… can’t go past a rose for layers and depending on the variety, the layers can be quite dense. Then again, isn’t a Dahlia a great example of layers.

Rose at Hampton Court Palace Gardens, UK
Roses from my friends garden, Hobart
Dahlia from Hampton Court Palace, UK

Thanks for reading this far…I know this is longer than my usual posts. I love to read your comments so please say hi!


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