A Fan of …{Big Ships}

For me one of the best views is driving down the Southern Outlet into Hobart and spying a ship in the Harbour. I am joining in with Jez for A Fan of …

Aurora Australis and HMAS Canberra
The closest I could get
Constitution Dock in the foreground with HMAS Canberra

I knew there was something happening in Hobart this week when, two days in a row, we had the windows rattling as Fighter Jets flew low, fast and loud over our house but it was still a surprise driving down into Hobart and seeing a huge military ship in the harbour. It turned out to be a Helicopter Carrier called HMAS Canberra. If I had known sooner, I might have made it to the Open Day they were having on board on Saturday. The ship and her crew are leaving our fair city today.


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