In a Vase: Arty Daffodil

I am joining in with In a Vase on Monday for the first time as Cath’s Camera…previously, I was Cath@Home.

If you have been visiting my blog lately, it’s pretty clear that it is Daffodil season in Tasmania. I have been buying different kinds of daffodil bulbs since we came to live here but since there are, what seems like, hundreds of varieties, it might take a while.

This lovely double daffodil has been growing wild in our front paddock since we moved in and probably for years before that Fortunately neither the cows or the wallabies [and kin] eat them so we have an abundance every year.

When you have so many, it’s nice to pick a few for the house.

I softened the look of this photograph a bit as it was slightly out of focus. After I did that , I wondered what it would look like as a piece of art. Here is my resulting outcome!

I would love to hear your thoughts…please leave me a comment and I will visit you in return.


  1. Because my eyesight is not the best…being shortsighted I like the first of your indoor pictures the best…Wonderful to have someone post from the Southern/Opposite Hemisphere and now I can enjoy spring flowers…

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