Sunday Stills: {About Me}

This week’s Sunday Stills photo challenge is all about showcasing favorite hobbies or sports if you’re that way inclined.


I am not sure if gardening supports my photography or visa versa but I do love planting things and watching them grow and then recording the results through the lens.


I read somewhere today that ” Photographers see the world rather than just look at it.” That is certainly true of me. My camera is a rather lightweight Sony NEX and I have a couple of e-mount lenses for it. I also have a Nikon but it is a beast to carry around especially when travelling so this Sony is my dear little friend. I will take photo’s of anything and everything that catches my eye but I just love macro shots of flowers. If I am caught without it I always have my iPhone 7 Plus. Never waste an opportunity.

Spending time with Lila

Nothing I love more than spending time with my doggo, Lila. Whether it be walks on the beach, in the paddock, in the garden or just cuddles on the couch.


I just love to Travel. Until a few years ago, I was travelling to England every year to visit my mother. English by birth, I loved the 3 to 5 weeks I spent there every year and on a number of occasions, travelled with my daughter so we explored quite a bit. In 2016 my mother came to live with me and now I am her full time carer so all I have is memories….and photographs.


I have been quilting for 15 years or more. It is a hobby that gives me so much pleasure as well as creating a serious dent in my wallet. I have 5 sewing machines including my mums vintage Bernina and recently sold a 6th. And even with all those machines, I still like to stitch and embroider by hand. Of the two quilts pictured…one was for a great nephew and the other for a great niece.

piecing in progress
all hand stitched
Appliqued by hand – pieced and quilted on the sewing machine

This is just a part of me, I go bushwalking sometimes but it is difficult when someone is needed at home full time, I cook, bake, make jam, blog….goodness knows how I fit it all in!


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