Six on Saturday:{28/09/19}

The Propagator hosts Six on Saturday

This Week in my Garden…

1…the {Forget-me-not’s} are spreading everywhere and I am pleased to see them growing beneath the Peony Roses which have more buds than ever before. I might transplant some of the seedlings into the front garden bed this spring.

2…I love watching the {Bleeding Hearts} come to life each Spring….it takes no time at all from when the leaves start sprouting to flowers appearing.

3…for my Spring display this year, I planted pink {Anenome’s} as well as the purple and pale purple. Last year I didn’t have many come up….I suspected afterwards that I may have planted them upside down. Duh moment.

4…it was named a Pink {Daffodil} on the packaging although it tends to look more apricot than anything else.

5…{Pink Scilia} like Bluebells multiply their bulbs like crazy but it is the first time these have bloomed since I planted them 4 years ago.

6…{Aquilegia}, sometimes known as Grannies Bonnet or Columbines are the prettiest flowers. These purple and white variety are already growing well…because they reseed so readily, it’s always a surprise to see which ones will pop up again. I hope my Stellata variety will come up again this year.

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