{Day Tripper}

It’s Tuesday’s Photo Challenge….the topic this week is {Tourism}

This week I am playing at being a tourist in my home state while our daughter is visiting from the mainland.

Tasmania is a tourists playground if you love walking and climbing in the wilderness with a touch of history thrown in and the climate is completely different from anywhere else in Australia. On Monday we visited Maria Island off the Eastern Coast. It has had a chequered history as a Convict Settlement over two periods during the 1800’s, then it turned industrial from the late 1800’s to around 1930 making cement from limestone quarried on the island. It has also been occupied by sealers, whalers, farmers and even an Italian wine maker.

In our modern times, it is a national park with remnants of its past and a variety of native fauna among the grasslands and wooded areas. There are no cars or shops or luxurious accommodation on the island. You arrive by ferry with everything you are likely to need and when you return, you are required to leave nothing but footprints behind. This time around we stuck to the easier walking routes but there are more intimidating mountain/rock climbing sites.

The stone Commissariat Store, is now the visitor centre
Cape Barren Goose
Ruby Hunt’s Cottage and windswept Morten Bay Fig Trees
Hopground Beach
Painted Cliffs
Forester Kangaroo
ruins of what was once The Grand Hotel
Leaving the Island you can see the steeper climbs in the background


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