Sunday Stills: {My Pets}

The theme for this week’s Sunday Stills is {All About Pets}…

I have had pets since I was really young, mostly dogs and cats but also a horse at one point and these days…cows!

My last 3 dogs have been the most memorable….starting with

Amber the Golden Retriever

that grew up with my kids. We got her as a 2 yo from a home that didn’t work out for her {no fault of hers} and she turned out to be a fabulous pet for the whole family….she was just gone 14 when we had to have her put down due to paralysis in her back legs.

Next came….

Callie the Labrador

I was actually supposed to be buying Christmas stamps at the PO which was next door to the pet shop…..two adorable puppies in the window and I made a very rash decision to go in and look at them….somehow, I brought one home. Well, life was never the same….she destroyed everything in sight, including my will to live and I swore “never again”!

When she was around 5, another dog came into our lives and Callie became the dog I always dreamed of having. When we moved to Tasmania, they both became indoor dogs (I no longer cared for the MOTH’s ideology of no dogs in the house.) and she bonded very deeply with me becoming my second shadow. She passed away suddenly one night back in 2017 and I still miss her terribly. She was nearly 11 yo.

Callie and her favourite Teddy

That other dog I mentioned was…

Lila the Labradoodle

Lila (short for Delilah) came to live with us on Christmas Eve 2012. I had been wanting another dog for some time already and eventually the MOTH agreed. She was adopted from the RSPCA and was 18 months old. She filled a huge hole in my heart that was left from losing Amber and quickly became my Princess…not because she is a Diva but because of her sweet, gentle nature.


Lila was here to help me over the loss of Callie and took over the role of second shadow and I adore her beyond words….I realise she is 8 now and looking ahead, I don’t want to leave it too late to introduce another dog.

so, finally, we get to this one…

Darcie the ….er…. “Bitsa” {bitsa spaniel, hound, silky & wiry terrier}

I have spent about 18 months looking for a dog that suits our household to come and be a companion for Lila and lifelong friend to me. Putting my name forward for countless dogs on rescue sites….it really is not as easy as it used to be. After being declined over and over, despite meeting the criteria, I decided to find a puppy. About a month ago, I saw an online ad to home 6 little puppies from North of the State. One of them caught my eye…

Since I was going to be up North on a break with my daughter, I put a deposit down for her and we picked her up on the way home 3 weeks ago. I have called her Darcie. Despite Lila’s initial excitement at having a new play pal, it’s going to take some time to get used to the ankle nipping, ear tugging, tail pulling little scallywag! They do love to cuddle up for a nap though.

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