A Fan of…{Puppies}

I am joining with Jez for A Fan of… #40

Meet Miss Darcie

My mini break is over and we dropped our daughter off at the airport this morning for the long journey home. We had the best time with her this visit, topped off by a mother/daughter trip to the north west coast of Tassie for the Tulip Festival and then on the way home, we stopped off in Launceston to pick up the newest member of our family.

miss Darcie

It’s been over 2 years since I lost my 11 year old Labrador, Callie and I have missed her every single day since. Once I got myself back on a stable emotional footing, I started to search the RSPCA and a couple of other dog homes as well as Gumtree for another pup to fill the void in my life. Quite a few fell through….I was too late…I made the short list several times but then missed out…most dogs were not suitable, working dogs or too aggressive to fit our family but this little one appeared and I fell instantly in love.

What is she? A Bitsa….bitsa spaniel and hound from her mum and bitsa silky terrier and wiry terrier from her dad…she has his short legs as well.


The initial meeting with Lila went really well but she wanted to play so bad and Darcie was feeling a bit insecure…today, Lila is a bit distant…not wanting to cuddle up when Darcie sits next to her. Oh well, they will be buddies in time…I have no doubt about that. *Update* The two of them are starting to bond…Lila just wishes Darcie wasn’t doing it with her teeth!



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