A Steep Step Up

It’s Tuesday’s Photo Challenge….the topic this week is {Steep}

I’m going to reveal a deep inner secret….I’m afraid of stairs! Ever since my teens, I have had a recurring dream about not being able to reach the top of a set of really steep stairs. To prove to myself that I actually can, I will climb a staircase. Let me show you some that I have scaled.

Cliffords Tower, York
York Minster, York
The most dreaded of all….turret steps
199 steps from Whitby town up to Whitby Abbey, Yorkshire
steep and slick with ice…Edinburgh, Scotland
That handrail almost runs straight up! Dover Castle, Kent

Since I am in Dover, let’s look at a different type of Steep….These Chalk Cliffs are very steep and I wouldn’t risk climbing them or walking close to the edge at the top….they have been known to break away and collapse quite frequently.

The steep which cliffs of Dover

Phew! all that stair climbing has exhausted me…I think I might need to steep a cup of tea. In Yorkshire we call it “mash” the tea….strange, but it means the same.

note the brand of Tea!


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