Friendly Friday {Fruits}

I’m joining in with the Friendly Friday Photo Challenge and this week and the theme is: {Fruits}

About five years ago, the MOTH and I made a huge decision to move from mainland Australia to Tasmania and we haven’t regretted it for one second. We have 50 acres of land which makes it very tranquil, some great mountain views, good neighbours and even though the house is rudimentary and has no garden, we do have an excellent orchard. There are 50 apple trees of different varieties, 15 cherry trees, 4 apricot trees, a couple of plum trees and nashi fruit trees. There are two ancient pear trees in the front paddock and I grow blueberries, strawberries, raspberries, blackcurrents and redcurrents in the back yard. There were plenty of wild blackberries growing around the property but we have mostly eradicated it now as it was becoming out of control as a weed.

All these photo’s are of fruit grown on our property.

The fruits are used to make jams, pies, cakes, and one of my favourite uses….dried apples…


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