KOBC: {Amoral Affair}

Joining in with Kammie’s Odd Ball Photo Challenge.

I have ‘ummed and ahhed’ about whether to share this pic….some might find it disrespectful, crass, insolent or all of the above. I was just curious as to who would place these here. To be fair, these are near MONA so maybe they are intended to be attention seeking and possibly offensive but in Australia, we have a saying…and it made me think this.

To have tickets on oneself:

To be conceited or vain. To have an overinflated opinion of oneself. 
e.g.: He’s got tickets on himself if he thinks that any woman would fall for that.

I, myself am not very religious but I do have a care for what people think. Is it in bad taste? How does it make you feel?

Lastly, MONA, as per the link above, may not be for everyone but it is at least worthy of one visit, if only to see the architecture of the building.

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