Friendly Friday {Dramatic}

I’m joining in with the Friendly Friday Photo Challenge and this week and the theme is: {Dramatic}

I absolutely love where I live, in a valley surrounded by hills and a mountain. She is called Sleeping Beauty and her moods can be quite dramatic….there is never a day where I wake up and don’t take a look at what mood our mountain is in. We often get snow on the the mountain top but only occasionally down to our level but when it does, it changes the scenery dramatically….also….lets talk rainbows. We get so many rainbows here, I sometimes count up to five separate occasions in one day during early Spring and don’t get me started on sunsets. Yes, I love where I live!

Just a few Dramatic Images…

Our Beauty has ‘Twin Peaks’ in the mist
Another misty morning
A sprinkling of snow with the shimmer of sunset
Gum Trees in the snow
A snowy scene of our paddocks at dawn
One of many rainbows in these parts
Gorgeous sunsets


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