{Home} 1~WS

Joining in with One Word Sunday and the theme is {Home}.

Home…..well that has been a huge topic of conversation between the MOTH and I this week. After 2 years of planning and prepping for our new house build….we have had to pull the plug this week! Finances are just not positive.

We are having to decide whether to ditch the whole dream of living in the country and moving back to a suburban block…or, renovate the old house that we have been living in for the last 5 years and staying in a beautiful part of the world that we love.

I have never really bothered taking actual photo’s of this house as I always thought of it as an interim stay but I do have a couple of incidental shots….so for the first time I am displaying our home.

Firstly: this was supposed to be the view from the living room of the new build….the current house is situated among the buildings centre left of shot
an incidental shot of the old house one winter…it will need an extension and some upgraded facitilities
Front of house


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