A Fan of…{Kingston Beach}

I am joining with Jez for A Fan of… #48

I know I have been absent for a few week leading up to Christmas. Such a lot was going on but now that the silly season is behind us, and hopefully a few silly people are back in their box….I’m ready to get back to it. With that said, Christmas Day itself was a tad quiet leaving me very flat so I went to my happy place.

Kingston Beach is about 20mins drive from here and is, in part, an off-leash dog beach which I am trying to frequent as often as possible to socialise 5 month old Darcie with lots of other dogs and people to meet.

I really love the beach….not to lie and sunbake…but the sound of the waves, the smell on the air, the wind whipping my hair….just lifts my spirits…it’s my go to place when I need a mental salve.

I took my new camera (my Christmas Present) with me and took some photo’s among the rocks…it wasn’t easy while still trying to hold Darcie’s leash. I tried letting her off it but she dived straight into the water and nearly got swept out to sea by a rogue wave! Lila is quite a bit more sensible and prefers to only paddle in the lagoon.

Darcie had to have a rinse under the showers to get rid of all the sand she had collected in her fur and then we walked along the boardwalk to the other end of the beach so she had a chance to dry off.

Dog Beach is at the other end
The Keeper of all things Lost and Found

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