Which Way {Crescent Bay}

Joining Alive and Trekking for Which Way {11/09/2021}

Almost a year ago, my walking, and life, partner went for a walk on our 34th wedding anniversary to a place called Crescent Bay Beach on the Tasman Peninsula. It was a bitterly cold day and blowing a gale that threatened to blow us off our feet but boy, it was fun and at least it wasn’t raining!

It was decided that since we had come all this way, a walk up Mt Brown shouldn’t be missed. Oh my! what a challenge. It was steeper than it looked and we were buffeted all the way up by the strong winds. The views from the top were really worth it.

Lets walk to Crescent Bay Beach
A slight detour up Mt. Brown
a little fuzzy but a view of Tasman Island from the summit of Mt. Brown…can you see the lighthouse?
back on the path
Crescent Bay Beach…our destination


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