Which Way..to {Styx Tall Trees}

Joining Alive and Trekking for Which Way {17/09/2021}

Due to the way things are in Australia and around the world right now, travel can be a bit of a bumpy ride as you never know when rules will change and borders will close. So over the last year or so we have stayed close to home and explored our own back yard {which is just gorgeous, by the way}.

This trip was to the Styx Valley, past Mt Field and Maydena and into the wilderness on a dirt track. The trees growing here are one of the worlds tallest trees, called Eucalyptus Regnans….but I remember them better as Swamp Gum. They can grow to 100m, quite amazing when you know that the tallest building in Hobart is 73m tall. Now as you can imagine this makes them quite difficult to photograph. I always have a try though.


      1. They are pretty magnificent… visiting a grove of them is akin to a religious experience! Sadly, wildfires are threatening old stands as I write. Many have already succumbed since 2015. It would be a shame to lose these venerable, 2000-3000 yr. old trees.


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