{Last Pics Taken} September 2021

Last on the Card hosted by Bushboys World

{Nikon Z50}

All taken on 30/9/2020….I was practicing taking some rainy day shots when I heard the rucus that these Yellow Tailed Black Cockatoo’s make. I was just congratulating myself on being in the right spot at the right time with camera in hand (been hoping for this for 5+ years) and momentarily lost the awareness that a further flock of about 12 were flying over…….opportunity lost in an instant. Note the raindrops on the lens.

I love their wing tips

{iPhone 8 Plus}

My other most used “camera” is my smart phone which is always in my pocket. I have found that since picking up my better camera’s again, I am increasingly dissatisfied with the quality of my iPhone…..maybe time for an upgrade….or….I am toying with the idea of carrying a smaller, inbuilt zoom, camera that fits in my pocket or handbag

a quick snap of my two girls cuddled together on a rainy day

{Sony a6000}

My Sony camera still has a battery compartment issue but I found I am able to use a small sturdy hairband to keep it closed. Have I used it much? Not really, I have to figure out how to set it to monitor only as it keeps flipping to viewfinder mid focus which makes it tricky for an old gal like me to get in close to my subjects….haha! probably why this shot is so blurred.

I can’t remember what this is called but it is a non native bulb that I rescued from the side of the road last year. Glad to see it has survived.


  1. What a great collection for Last Photos Cath. I love hearing the YTBC as they screech overhead and yes be quick as they move quite fast. Phone camera is used for showing someone whatever I found. My little Canon A1200 is good for slipping into my pocket if I am out and don’t want to carry a big camera. Thanks for joining in πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚


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