1. I was lucky and travelled every year for 10 years in a row until recently. To visit my mum mainly but a lot of sightseeing but now she lives with me.I left when I was about 5


      1. It was about the year Harold Wilson was elected, coal miners were on strike. We owned a small Deli come general store and became the worse for wares in granting them credit. So mum and dad decided to migrate. They were T.P.Is but we were too young and travelled free. 6 weeks by sea.


      2. A bit like me. We returned to the uk at that time and my dad couldn’t work. They got sick of it after 18 months and went back to Africa…also the ten pound poms relocation program


      3. Not so different ,mum got a job easily as a Matron in an Aged Care facility. Dad couldn’t get work in his field,which was as a welder,they wanted him to go to TAFE,to get his Certificate. He had been in the Royal Engineers and was most offended. He went Cane cutting and fruit picking, until he bought a Pest Control Business. We lived in the Bush in a small village.

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