This is {Home}-WPPC

The Weekly Prompt Photo Challenge theme this week is {Home}

I was going to repost a previous post about Home but one or two things have changed since I wrote that. a) we stayed as our hearts could not leave and b) a better house has and is being built. The main new part is built and we are currently modifying the kitchen. Let me show you why…

{This is Home}

the ever changing skies and views
50 acres of land
surrounded by trees
a home to share with my love


  1. Your home is set in a beautiful place. I was trying to work out where in the world you were and in the end settled on somewhere with a warm climate!
    Thank you for joining our Weekly Prompts weekend challenge, Cath, lovely to have you. 🙂

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  2. Like you, I am a Yorkshire lass. I have at last found a spot in Tasmania to call my home. After living on mainland Australia for 23 or so unbearably hot years, I am finally content 😊


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