{The Ordinary} LAPC #169

Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #169 {The Ordinary} is hosted this week by guest blogger ~ Don’t Hold Your Breath

I love how our imaginations can make something quite ordinary seem extraordinary and have us reach for our cameras. Have you heard the saying ~ “The difference between ordinary and extraordinary is that little extra” [Jimmy Johnson]

Here are my entries:

If not for the background wall, this would be less than ordinary
Two ordinary pine cones but to me they look like hedgehogs
a clump of unwanted fungi I pulled out of a pot ~ ordinary? maybe…but interesting
Just an ordinary feather covered in dew drops becomes extraordinary
nothing but an ordinary rock covered in frost icicles


  1. These are beautiful shots. I like the pine cones and the mushrooms, fruiting bodies both, and extraordinarily beautiful when you look at them close. The leaves and that light on the wall is a lovely shot (I like the contrast between the glossiness of the leaves and the matte of the wall, and the unifying green shades). The dew on the feather is another beautiful shot, so many droplets. What could be a more graphic way of illustrating how feathers repel water. As for the ice crystals on the stone, it is an extraordinary sight for me. I’ve never seen that before.

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