The Weekend Roundup {Q}

Tom from The Backroads Traveller hosts a challenge called The Weekend Roundup which follows the alphabet. This week it is the letter {Q}. We are asked to contribute with the following prompts…

  1. Starts with {Q} ~ Quilt….my dog Callie taking advantage of a quilt laid out to photograph which led to a whole series of photo’s including both dogs
  2. A Favourite {Q} ~ Queen Anne’s Lace…a favourite flower and photo
  3. {Q}ueen ~ Queen Victoria’s statue at Kensington Palace, London


    1. Dogs like a place of their own for hanging out and sleeping, this pretty blue quilt fills the bill. Your dog looks sooo pretty, nice, and just waiting to get some attention. A tummy scratching perhaps. I miss my Adi, beagle dog.

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  1. That is a pretty Quilt. Don’t we spoil our dogs!!! But both the dogs and their family love doing it. I am Callie has a teddy bear, we always had one and a spare for our Adi beagle dog. She would play rough with her toy and finally the stitching would break open. Then we would have cotton stuffing all over the room. The kind we bought looked like Callie’s, they were fairly inexpensive, $5.95 at our Walmart store.
    I was not acquainted with the Queen Anne’s plant. It seems tall, a tree perhaps?
    We’ve been to and around the Kensington Palace many times, I don’t remember the statue. We loved groxery shopping at the neat shopping center, I don’t remember the store’s name. I liked the cheese part the best, there were sooo many varieties.
    Our daughter works for BP, she was there for five years and brought her family, two daughters and her hub, his spousal visa did not allow him to work, he became a househusband. They lived in St Johns Wood at the Beatle’s Abey Road crossing, next block in where the street changed its name from Abey Road.
    We would visit five or six weeks for a couple of times each year. Grandchildren lured us there.

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  2. Love the quilt. My mother was a quilter and she always wanted me to learn how, but it was too tedious for me. After she passed, she finally got her wish. She left so many unfinished quilting projects that I couldn’t bear to toss out. I think she may have done this on purpose. Anyway, I finally learned to quilt and I enjoy it so much. Wish I had listened to mom. Lovely post. Have a wonderful weekend.

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  3. Cath, you didn’t talk about your heading, or did I miss it? What a great photo that is! That’s an attractive statue of Victoria. I just watched a great movie called Victoria and Abdul that came out in 2017. Have you seen it? I loved it. 🙂

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    1. Not sure about the header. It usually comes up independent from my current posts and changes frequently. I have seen the trailer for that movie and it looked interesting but unfortunately I don’t see many anymore.

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