Sunday Stills: {Christmas Past}

The theme for this week’s Sunday Stills is {Indoor/outdoor Decor}

No Halloween decorations here but as I was starting this post with an idea in mind, I got a txt message from a friend with a reminder that Christmas is only 9 weeks and 6 days away…..EEK!

I think it might be time to start getting into the festive mood. We have been warned….there may be stock shortages….there will be postal delays. One thing I don’t have to worry too much about is the Decor. I have boxes and boxes of Christmas decorations. Here are a few pics from Christmas’ past.


  1. You have a lot of gorgeous Christmas decor, Cath! And so beautifully photographed. Trust me when I say I made our local craft store happy recently with a sizable purchase of Christmas and winter decor! Right after Thanksgiving (end of November) up it goes! I really love your reindeer collection–you can keep most of that up after Christmas!


      1. I get it, makes sense! I collected wooden pine trees for for years of all shaped and sizes from many places. I need to figure out where some went, probably still packed! I have a large on somewhere that acted as a Christmas tree for years and sat all year on our fireplace lower mantel.


  2. These are beautiful, Cath. I love the reindeer and the red sparkly ball. I’m surprised your decorations are not more summery. When I was there in 2017 all the store windows had summery Australian decor.

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