Sunday Stills: {Seasonal Cycle of Trees}

The theme for this week’s Sunday Stills is {Trees and Leaves}

Wherever you look in Australia, you are sure to find a gum tree or a few, except perhaps, among the red dunes of the Simpson Desert. Here, where I live in Tasmania, we are surrounded by hills and mountains thick with gum trees. Our 50 acres of farmland has just 20% Eucalyptus forest which we will never touch except to remove saplings growing too close to our house. As much as I love our gum trees, there are many other trees that are special to me as well. I love to witness the changing of seasons through deciduous trees. Here are a few I have found since moving here.

Gum Trees on our property
Winter Willow ~ Port Arthur
Poplar Spring Growth ~ Our back yard
Summer Green ~ New Norfolk
Autumn Gold ~ Derwent Valley
Dappled light – Port Arthur


  1. Thank you for your Tasmanian tour of Autumn and Spring trees, Cath! No matter where we live in the world, creation just has its way and beauty in its season. I google-mapped Tasmania and you are on the bottom tip of the world, but still north of New Zealand. Yet the trees behave the same way they do in the Northern hemisphere, just seasonally. That willow is something else! And that one called “summer green” looks like my Japanese maple (very small leaves) in the summer. Gorgeous trees!


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