The Weekend Roundup {U}

Tom from The Backroads Traveler hosts a challenge called The Weekend Roundup which follows the alphabet. This week it is the letter {U}. We are asked to contribute with the following prompts…

  1. Starts with {U} ~ Uniforms
  2. A Favourite {U} ~ Undergrowth
  3. {U}nusual ~ Unusual
The Queen’s Lifeguard in Uniform
Undergrowth deep in the forest ~ Mt Misery
Unusual Pigeon on display at the Royal Hobart Show


  1. Tghat pigeon looks like it’s brain is on the outside of his head not inside it!! I would like to know its name and in fact it does not look like a pigeon at all, Love the guards and the forest flour shots. Have a good weekend Cath.

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  2. I like the uniforms. You were close to get a nice shot like that. One time when we were in London we got to be fairly close to the Queen, she was in her carriage on the way to open the British Parliament. I didn’t realize Boston was so close to tall mountains. I lived in Manchester, N.H. for three years and came to Boston fairly often but didn’t know about high mountains to the west.
    Have a nice week, take some more nice pictures for us.

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