WQWWC #50 {Lost and Forgotten}

For Marsha’s WQWWC, the topic is {Forgotten}

This week, I have picked a synonym for Forgotten as none of the quotes really spoke to me but being lost did as it is something I have experienced deeply over the last year or so.

synonyms for forgotten
unremembered · out of mind · gone clean out of someone’s mind · past recollection · beyond/past recall · consigned to oblivion · obliterated · blotted out · buried · left behind · bygone · past · gone · {lost} · irrecoverable · irretrievable · neglected · overlooked · ignored · disregarded · unappreciated · unrecognized · of no interest

[This affirmation is my own creation…the photo is mine.. I then used an editing programme to add the text. Please respect my creativity and do not replicate this work – Thank You.]


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