{CFFC & Which Way}

Here’s my entry for Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge. This week I’m also linking into {WhichWay} which is Cee’s theme.

My beloved has just returned from a 3 week hiking adventure with his brother on one of the toughest wilderness tracks in South West Tasmania….The end of the trek, at the Gordon Dam, is a 3ish hour drive from home with no phone network so it was decided that the best idea was to leave his car there for their return home.

Since our son was here for the Christmas break, we set off in convoy to park hubs car at the Dam Wall which is quite a tourist draw card and photo opportunity. I have to say that the road travelled was one of the most diversely scenic trips I have done in a long time and I was so glad I got to experience it with DS2*. Here is a shot of a section of road along the way.

This terrain is not indicative of the perilous trek the two brothers did in the wilderness

*Dear Son #2


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