{Parish} Door

My entry on Thursday Doors is the door to the church which is a few hundred metres from the house my mother grew up in. One year, on a trip with my eldest son, I took him to the area in Yorkshire where my family is from, and I was born. My mum’s childhood house was up for sale and vacant so we were able to peer through the front window. It was a little sad to think that a home that had been lived in by 3 generations of the same family was going to be occupied by strangers. Afterwards we walked down the street to see the church where my parents were married, I was Christened and I also remember attending a cousins wedding there too. The door below is the side door to the church and I have an old picture of my mum, her father and a retinue of bridesmaids on that path about to enter on the day she married my dad.


  1. That’s a lovely old church and beautiful doors. I love wooden arched doors, especially in a stone entrance. I grew up attending the church my mom was married in. She was a member for 80 years, up until she died. You must have wonderful memories. Thanks for sharing this with Thursday Doors.

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