A Fan of…WWE {Gordon Dam}

I am joining with Jez for A Fan of… #142 and WWE #111

Just after Christmas we went for a drive to the Gordon Dam. A 3ish hour drive from our place. My beloved was going on a walk in the wilderness of South West Tasmania. The end of their hike would finish at the dam wall after climbing down a set of caged ladders that are usually locked to the public. The access to a key was pre-arranged. Since there is no phone service here, it was decided that one of our cars would be left in the carpark because who knew when the walk would actually end.

I’ve wanted to take photo’s at the Dam for a long time now, so I was only to happy to help out with the plan. It was a stunning day and the road trip was a site to behold.



  1. Wow, amazing shots to hit both cahallenges, Cath 👏 The first shot really shows the scale of dam & lake & the shot down the ladder is fantastic 😃 To see all that water held back, by what on the surface looks like a fragile structure, is remarkable 😲


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