B&W: {Chill, Chili, Chilliest}

For Cee’s Black & White Challenge…the theme this week is: {Cold or Chilly or Chili}

As I write this, we are smack in the middle of Summer and it is hot, hot, hot though I am grateful because our Summer has been relatively mild until this last week. Not much Chilly or Cold this time of year but a great time to use some chili while cooking.

When we start to dive into Autumn, a chill will fill the air….there will be foggy days that seem to seep a chill through your bones, then will come the frost. Often there will be snow on the mountain and hills that surround our valley….and if we are really lucky….we will have snow!

Here is my entry…

Chilly Fog
Chilly Frost
Chilly Views
Cold Snow


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