{Thank You} Public Art Mural

PPAC #34

Monday Mural

Back before Covid became the topic of the day….here in Australia, we had catastrophic fires down most of the east coast of the mainland. It was so devastating to read about them and more so to see the images on the television of thousands upon thousands of acres of forests and land burning, of animals, both native and otherwise obliterated from the landscape in an instant. And oh, to see the tragedies people were facing, from losing everything they had to losing a loved one.

It was still very fresh in the minds of Tasmanians as we had experienced terrible fires the summer before in 2018/19…one of those wildfires was burning just 10km from our own home.

Not as catastrophic as the mainland fires and we suffered no loss of human life. It could have played out differently if not for the dedicated crews that spent days upon days on the burning front lines while the rest of us prayed ardently for rain.

Outside of Kingston, SE Tasmania is a water reservoir which I noticed had been painted expressing the communities gratitude. I see it everytime I drive past, several times a week, and I never fail to remember the effort others have made for our safety.


  1. This is a powerful display, Cath. Being from CA, we empathized with your horrible tragedies in Australia. My friend had a fire on her property a couple of years ago. The firefighters were flying to Three Rivers at the edge of the Sequoia National Forest just about 20 miles away, and diverted to save hers and her daughter’s houses. Her daughter was there to watch it. She was out of town at the time and would have come home to nothing, had it not been for the firefighters. Did you see Terri Webster Schrandt’s post last week on the elements? This is also a perfect connection to that. I’m doing several posts on elements this year on my challenge WQW. The one on Fire will be Sept. 28th. Long time away I know but feel free to link any of your posts that fit my themes even if they are older to you.


    1. Oh Marsha, we are also shown footage from Californian wild fires. How lucky your friend was to be spared the devastation of losing everything just like that. It amazes me that Canada is also experiencing wild fires more frequently and I am sure even Siberian fires made the news during their last summer…..that’s just ridiculous as I always think of Siberia as icy!

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      1. We have all been very lucky. Our interim pastor in Woodlake lived in Paradise, CA, which almost totally burned to the ground. Devastations from fire are so huge that I can’t even comprehend it.

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  2. That would be a constant reminder to clear your land and have a fire plan….as well as a constant reminder of those who care and put their lives on the line to help in an emergency.

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  3. The South west of WA is being devastated by fires at the moment… it happens far too often sadly!
    Beautiful mural and wonderful tribute. I specially like the 3rd photo and have saved it to Pinterest.
    Thanks for participating in Monday Murals Cathy.

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