{Hosier Lane} Public Art Mural

PPAC #43

Monday Mural

I just knew I was going to see plenty of Public Art in Melbourne….a city full of laneways where walls are just dying to be covered in street art. I had good company and my camera in hand….what a great day. I was only sad that so many great works of art had been tagged and spoiled by common graffiti persons with no artistic merit at all. These two were either side of an entrance to the only business on this lane.

These weren’t the only street art on Hosier Lane but I’ll save the rest for later.


      1. Oh yes, that’s in Hosier Lane. But maybe it is a new one that I haven’t seen OR an old one that has been painted over. Either way it is well done and beautifully captured. Thanks Cath 😜

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  1. Cath, the pictures have sure changed since I was there. Those are really good. Did you see my post? I think Teresa also has some pictures of Hosier Lane – one of the many favorite places I visited when I was in Melbourne.


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