Fan Of… {Turning of the Fagus}

I am joining with Jez for Fan Of…#153

Yesterday was Anzac Day here in Australia and since it was a Public Holiday my Bible Study was postponed. A gorgeous day loomed and John and I thought it an excellent opportunity to head to Mt Field for the Annual Turning of the Fagus.

“Deciduous beech (Nothofagus gunnii), or fagus, as it is best known, is Australia’s only cold climate winter-deciduous tree and is found nowhere else in the world except Tasmania. It has a magnificent autumn display.

Fagus is a small tree that grows to two metres or less and is found in cool, damp places, so it’s often best seen in the remote highlands. Bushwalkers who have been caught up in its twisted, ground-hugging branches can testify to its other name – tanglefoot.” ~ Discover Tasmania

I think we may have been a week too early and in the next week or so, it will definitely be a sight to behold.


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