{Last on the Card} February 2022

Last on the Card hosted by Bushboys World

{Nikon Z50}

Last week we went into Hobart to see The Miracles Exhibition and run some errands. At one point I had to sit in the car and keep a look out for the parking inspector while John dashed across the road to pick up a new map for a walk he is planning. I filled in the time taking photo’s of the street around me.

{Sony a6000}

Eventually I have had the opportunity to pick up a new SD card for my Sony. I then remembered that the last one was bought at the Supermarket (no other choice at the time) and wasn’t really suitable for the speed of the camera. I guess that’s why I haven’t been really happy with the quality of the photo’s lately. Anyway, I enlarged this photo of a snowy, wet and miserable day in the Huon, on screen and the quality seems much better.

{iPhone 8 Plus}

I’ve had a busy couple of weeks just gone by which is why I have been a bit absent lately. John and I had a night out at the Italian Club in Hobart to listen to Journalist and Author, Greg Sheridan, talk about his book and Christianity, including a lot of historical data. Fascinating! We had to call in for petrol on the way home and a couple of young ladies were having trouble changing a tyre on their car. While John helped them out, I started reading the first chapter of Greg’s book which he signed for me.

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