Sunday Stills: {Little Aussies}

The theme for this week’s Sunday Stills is {Fur & Feathers}

I had a completely different set of photo’s picked out for this weeks theme…but they just didn’t seem right…so I have gone a different tack to show off our Australian Native Fur and Feathered Friends.

Echidna ~ Port Arthur
Common Wombat ~ Maria Island
Forester Kangaroo ~ Maria Island
Cape Barron Goose ~ Maria Island
Pied Oystercatchers ~ Bruny Island
White Faced Heron ~ Port Arthur


  1. I love your better idea, Cath! I don’t get to see the Australian critters, so this is a treat! I am always amazed at how the animals native to Australia filled the biological niches found in North America. I read years ago that the kangaroo occupies the same niche as the horse would in North America. That echidna is amazing as all of your choices today. Nicely done!


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