{Sunshine}…in a Vase

I am joining with In a Vase on Monday.

I haven’t posted here for a very long time. The main reason is that I don’t have a garden at present due to the fences being pulled down for house renovations…..the wallabies and pademelons got in and ate everything!! However, I have just had the pleasure of visiting the Melbourne International Garden and Flower Show and there were so many displays of flowers in vases…..I just wanted to dip my toe in again and share them with you.

The brief for this competition was Ikebana, a Japanese style of flower arrangement. This one was my favourite….I confess, I have an obsession with Sunflowers at the moment. I have also included some Japanese Haiku.

Tall in the meadow

Softly swaying in the breeze

Face of golden sun

― Caitlin Spies

I see you reaching

When the light is bending low

Sunflower in shade

~ Cindy Smith

withered petals drop

their yellow glory fading

with summer’s setting sun

– Unknown
Someone has planted some sunflowers in field not too far from where I live…..I might have to do the same next year.


  1. Oh how do you feel not having a garden, Cath, and when is the work likely to be finished? No idea what a pademelon is! You must have soaked up all the plant energies at the show and how lovely to see those sunflowers and to share those haikus 👍

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    1. Ah well, it was all in pots anyway. It’s frustrating and it’s taken two years after fence demolition to start building a new one and landscape the front yard. I feel it’s hardest on my little dog as she is always on a leash to stop her chasing little animals and potentially a snake encounter down by the creek. Pademelons are smaller wallabies (which are a smaller type of kangaroo) I had never seen a pademelon until I moved to Tasmania. Thanks for your comment Cathy 😊


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